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By Tommy Pettersson

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Cocoa is a $16 billion a year industry, but the average annual revenue the cocoa farmers receives is between $30 and $110 per household. The Fair Trade certification for chocolate has given over 42,000 cocoa farmers in West Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas a decent price for their crop. Since 90% of the world's cocoa is grown on small family farms of 12 acres or less, Fair Trade cocoa is directly improving the standard of living for farmers in the poorest regions of the world.

  • West African countries are dependent on cocoa. The six largest cocoa producing countries are the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, and Cameroon. In Ghana, cocoa accounts for 40% of total export revenues, and two million farmers are employed in cocoa production. The Ivory Coast supplies 43% of the world's cocoa, according to Global Exchange.
  • In many families, the children work on farms with their family members. In the Ivory Coast, 66% of cocoa farmers have never attended school.
  • Trafficked child labor and child slave labor are also problematic in this industry. According to a USAID and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) study in 2002, "an estimated 284,000 children are working in cocoa farms on hazardous tasks such as using machetes and applying pesticides and insecticides without the necessary protective equipment. Many of these children work on family farms...but about 12,500 children working on cocoa farms had no relatives in the area, a warning sign for trafficking".
  • TransFair USA Fair Trade Certified™ of cocoa producers are guaranteed a fair price: a minimum of $1750 per metric ton or $1950 er metric ton of organic cocoa. If the world price rises above $1600 per metric ton, the Fair Trade price meets the world price and adds a $150 Fair Trade premium per metric ton plus an additional $200 per metric ton for organic.
  • Many Fair Trade producer cooperatives use their Fair Trade premiums to invest in community projects such as construction of schools and health clinics, as well providing organic agriculture training.
  • Over 50,000 cocoa growers in eleven countries are members of Fair Trade cooperatives. Fair Trade cocoa is grown in Belize, Bolivia, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Haiti, Cote D'Ivoire, Nicaragua, and Peru.
Chocolate :: Cocoa Pods

Cocoa Pods

"A bite of Fair Trade chocolate means a lot to peasant farmers in the south. It opens the doors to development and gives children access to healthcare, education, and a decent standard of living."
~ Mr. Ohemeng-Tinyase, Managing Director of Kuapa Kokoo

Tommy Pettersson
Article by Tommy Pettersson
Tommy Pettersson is a well known internet developer and the founder of Fair Trade Community. Fair Trade Community is a community where people can get facts and information, meet and discuss how they can help to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. Learn more at Fair Trade Community.

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